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Breastfeeding and Weight Watchers
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Anyone do Weight Watchers while breastfeeding? I don't want to sign up for 3 months just to get a starting point for points. (I have done the program before, and know most of the foods I eat point values). Curious if anyone has done it and what their points were like when exclusively breastfeeding vs. when the baby was eating solids. I know if I was not nursing what my starting points would be, and I know if I was exclusively breastfeeding what my points would start off being - but don't have any knowledge of the comparison for my guy to be eating solids.

Example - Not nursing I started at 26 points and went down to 22 after 25 pounds lost) - and exclusively breastfeeding started at 43 points.

I signed up when my guy was 8 weeks old (that's where the 43 points came from), but being just on the line of being able to produce enough milk, I stopped after 2 weeks due to my supply taking a hit. Now he'll be 10 months on Sunday and I would like to try to lose the 25 pounds I'm still holding on to. Hoping that with him eating solids, and still nursing that cutting back some on food won't affect my supply over the next 2-3 months. I don't want to go overboard, and I don't want to sign up if I have to stop again in 2 weeks if my supply takes another hit. I know I can start at 43 and see what happens, but just wanted to see what the comparison number might be and how I can space out dropping points over the next 3-4 months with him still nursing.

WW really kept me in line when losing the baby weight after baby #2 weaned. After 3 babies, I scoff at the celebs that say they lost the weight from breastfeeding! In my dreams! I am the total opposite!! Hold on to every last pound possible until they wean - then the weight comes off! But we just got a new treadmill and I'm dying to start running!! Time to get back in shape!


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