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Bike Clothing for Kids
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Anyone know a good source? And what do boys wear for biking in cold weather, anyway? I am envisioning some sort of "Munich Pant", or "astro pant" type of thing, maybe a little tighter at the ankle....where does one find stuff like this to fit a 9 year old?

(I have already tried Backcountry, Sierra Post, and Team Estrogen).

I have long given up trying to find him dignified jerseys in his size...at this point I just cut the "W" out of the xs jerseys from the womens dept, and those work out fine. But pants, that is another story. I really don't see him embracing the tights thing. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Re: Bike Clothing for Kids [WeRide] [ In reply to ]
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You might want to try Pearl Izumi. I know they make kid cycling clothing. Now I have a girl and live in CA, so I'm not looking for the same type of clothing you are, but they may have something.

Have you thought about cycling short with leg warmers. I took a set of large arm warmers and they work perfectly as leg warmers for my 9 year old.

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Re: Bike Clothing for Kids [Katy] [ In reply to ]
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Arm warmers as leg warmers, that sounds so cute!

It gets so cold around here. We can play pond hockey in November. I think he needs more coverage. I did check REI last night and they have some options. Some semi fitted sort of pants that are tight on the bottom.

I will also check Pearl Izumi. Thx.
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