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Any experience with Umbilical Hernia?
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This past week I was lifting weights and upon showering afterwards discovered a (small) grape sized bulge above my belly button. I had a fire fighter friend check it out and as he was looking at it, proceeded to push on it until it went back in and stayed there. A few days later I went to my primary and she diagnosed (what I assumed): Umbilical Hernia.

My Primary told me not to worry to much about it as the U-Hernia isn't as risky as other types; but to watch it and see if it grows/hurts/etc. But to 'take it easy' (not sure to what extent and timeframe as all she told me was "you work out pretty intensely; yea you need to lighten up a little bit").

I've read online (and my primary also told me) that any type of hernia in adults that is left unfixed actually never completely heals which brings me to why I'm even posting this.

I have an appt with a trusted surgeon to get a 2nd opinion (not that I want surgery at all, but I also want to make sure that I can continue working out at the level I do and not make this thing any bigger if I choose the 'leave it be' route).

Does anyone have experiences with these things? When I press on the area I can still feel it so I know it's still there (it also feels squishy which feels nasty I might add), you just can't see a bulge any longer.

If I have to get surgery has anyone had any experiences with that? Looking for experience on recovery times, what procedure you had, why you opted for surgery, etc. Of course I'm doing my 'online' research and there is the full gamut of "it was no big deal" to "worst experience of my life". Figured I may check the trusted folks of ST as well. :)

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Re: Any experience with Umbilical Hernia? [RunMomRun] [ In reply to ]
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I just bumped an earlier thread on here for you

maybe she's born with it, maybe it's chlorine
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