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***Visual Awareness for Cyclists***[Bike Safety]
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Hello Biking World,

I am a high school student who is working on an engineering project to fix the problem of visual awareness and safety of bikers. I compiled a list of questions that are related to the issue in order to give me a statistical analysis of how to solve my problem. The link to the survey is below. Thank You.



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Re: ***Visual Awareness for Cyclists*** [Jamesvon2] [ In reply to ]
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As some of the men correctly told you in the main forum, the problem is not with cyclist visibility.

The main problem in North America (excluding some Canadian cities that are working hard to fix this):

1. road/street design that prioritizes high speed automobile travel (and therefore makes any other activity unsafe by design)

2. inattentive drivers. ("seeing" is with the brain. All those drivers that claim they didn't "see" you are not actually visually impaired.]

Efforts at "increasing" visibility of the victims without fixing our dangerous infrastructure will not reduce injury/fatality rates, and detracts from addressing the real problem(s).

Once safe cycling/pedestrian infrastructure (which requires physical barriers between cars, as well as slower car speeds) is in place, the plethora of anti-victim-blaming-gear we use (helmets, high viz vests/jackets, flashy lights etc) becomes completely unnecessary.

Notice in the image: none of them have helmets. None of them wear any high viz. Most of them don't even have rear lights, though its dark. And believe me, they will NOT get killed by a car. And they are not "cyclists". They are just people going to work or home. This is what we should try to achieve, and we should stop the victim blaming. (Recreational cyclists also most often ride on these separated bike lanes, called cycle tracks, and can go quite fast). [image from @copenhagenize on twitter]

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