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Team Recruiting in Denver
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Team Adrenalin EPC: Mixed Discipline Team is recruiting for participation and membership for the 2012 Season. This is a Team/Club with a philosophy based on Functional Fitness with Members and Team Leaders interested in motivating and encouraging you to pursue your optimum fitness condition for whatever it is you love doing any time of the year.
Our team is comprised of Amateur, Elite and Professional level Multisport athletes competing in road and offroad triathlon. Also, the team makeup includes a Road Race Cycling Division as well as, MTB Race Squad. As such, fitness variety within the team disciplines affords opportunity to all members to Cross Train.
Our title sponsor is Adrenalin Cycles in their new location in Highlands Ranch. The Team is powered by Endurance Performance Coaching.
Team/Club Adrenalin p/b EPC is dedicated to a healthy, fun environment which includes weekly and nightly/daily group training activities across all disciplines. As a member of the team/club you can select from a calendar of daily events throughout the week in which to participate and improve your fitness among a group of dedicated and motivated peers.
So, in short we are a race team but we are also a club. We have an on team coaching staff training and competing right alongside you, specializing, individually in each discipline if that suits your needs or you can come out and enjoy the camaraderie or just "Get Your Race On".
We enjoy a whole host of generous, supportive sponsors and we believe in the key fundamental principles of "Team" which are based on coordinated collective and mutual support. We are here to have fun and to celebrate, promote and encourage all individual members' goals and successes.
We are available to answer questions and offer our insight into competition and training whatever your experience level or intended pursuits may be.
Team Training Rides, Runs, and Swims are and will remain frequent and consistent. Training rides are scheduled to repeat on a daily and weekly basis 12 months a year. Training sessions evolve on an annual basis to include participation at specialized levels for strength, ability, fitness, power output and goal setting.
Please visit the team website at: http://www.epcmultisport.com/about-epc/epc-club/ to find contact info and to review membership application at the bottom of the webpage.
Cody Waite Owner/Coach/Athlete @ Endurance Performance Coaching Contact: info@epcmultisport.com
Jerry Natale Road Race Team Leader @ Team Adrenalin p/b EPC
The Coaching Staff @ Endurance Performance Coaching www.epcmultisport.com
The Staff @ Adrenalin Cycles
All the Team Members @ Team Adrenalin EPC
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