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Team Mossman Half Volunteers
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Team Mossman is trying to put on their first 70.3 race this weekend and still need a bit of help. Mossman puts on a spring and oly and a few swim and trail races also, but it is all pretty much grassroots efforts. They do host a Best of the US qualifier and currently working on a qualifier for CAF Nationals.

There is compensation for volunteering. Please read below as it is directly from their volunteer director:

We still have 20 bike marshal slots to fill on the bike course. If we get people assigned to spots ahead of time then they can go directly to their assignment on race morning and don't need to report to the beach. The time commitment for that would be approximately 6:30am - 10:30am if they got designated spot. They can pick up their volunteer shirt and sign a waiver on Thursday night at the Westport Y at 7pm or report to Calf Pasture Beach on race morning at 6am. We also need a few people to work the bike aid station.

The run course start time for volunteers would be about 9:00am. The time commitment would fall between 9:00am - 2:00pm depending on where they are placed on the course. It's a 2 loop course.

All volunteers get $50 off future race. Groups of 15 or more get $500 to their group or donation to favorite charity.

You can email me or pm me, email is in my profile. I can get you in touch with the right people.

I am not in anyway getting any benefit from this other than helping out a good group of guys and their first race at this distance.
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