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Run Biomechanics Clinic at Tucson Endurance Performance Center Aug 28
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Are you a runner? Or are you just doing running?
Are you not reaching your run potential?
Do you have nagging running injuries? Shin splints, knee pain, low back pain?
Are you not running comfortably?

Maybe your form needs some attention

Mindless Running: Biomechanics of the Proper Run
Running Clinic

You will:
- learn how you were built to run!
- dispel popular running myths!
- explain why what works works and what doesn't doesn't
- learn your muscular and skeletal limiters and how to correct them!
- find more comfort and happiness in running!

by US Olympic Coach-trained biomechanist and coach Brian Grasky

Sunday August 28, 3:00pm-5:00pm
Tucson Endurance Performance Center, 1918 E Prince Rd
$40 per person
(includes discount on later private run analysis)
Go to www.tucsonendurancecenter.com to sign up
(go to the schedule, create a login, find the class, and sign up)

Bring running shoes and loose clothing--you will do drills
Extremely limited seating for personal attention.

Brian Grasky
Grasky Endurance: World Championship Triathlon Coaching; Professional Training Camps
RETUL fitter, Biomechanist, USAT Level 3 Coach, USAC Level 2 Coach
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