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Rock n Roll Seatle Saturday, June 18, 2016
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If you are going to be in the Seattle area and are available for a few hours in the morning on 6/18, please read on for an opportunity to earn either an $80 voucher for a race kit.

California Triathlon is a 3,100+ member national team with chapters in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania & DC. One of our most popular programs is the VOGO program, which stands for volunteer one, get one. Participants in our national races volunteer for one of our running events and in exchange we get them an $80 voucher to use on a CalTri race kit.

We are recruiting cyclists to serve as lead cyclists for select upcoming Rock’n’Roll races. The cyclists will be riding alongside the lead runners for half marathon and marathon races and should be able to maintain a 13 mph pace. In exchange for this you get a voucher valued at $80 towards a high quality California Triathlon race kit from Voler. There are many options for our kits including options for cycling kits; triathlon race kits and suits; and race suits with the option to add your name. You can see the current options at http://californiatriathlon.org/rc/sponsors-full/.

* 6/18/16 Seattle - Half and Full - 16 cyclists

7/17/16 Chicago - Half - 10 cyclists
9/18/16 Philadelphia - Half- 10 cyclists
10/2/16 San Jose - Half - 10 cyclists
10/8/16 Brooklyn - Half - 12 cyclists
10/16/16 Denver - Half/5k/10k - 16 cyclists

If you are interested please contact len@californiatriathlon.org. If you know someone that maybe interested feel free to share this information.
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