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Race Week Strategies
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I thought some of you might be interested in the free webinar from MindsetSports on Race Week Strategies. Offered by USAT and USAC certified coach, Nicole Drummer. Two dates to choose from: July 14, 7pm cst, and July 18, 6pm cst.

Here's a link to the info and a description of the class: http://www.mindsetsports.com/...p?filters=3249_0_0_0

Are you a runner, cyclist, triathlete, swimmer, or other athlete seeking to improve your performance in competition? Do you ever wonder how you can be more prepared for you race, beyond your training plan? Whether you are new to racing or experienced on the race course, this session will show you easy to apply physical and mental strategies for your Race Week preparation. I'll show you common pitfalls to avoid and how you can make sure you are most prepared for your event and nail your performance.

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