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New Tri/Du Series shows if you're Truly Getting Faster
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The Zoom Triathlon & Duathlon Championship Series is a unique opportunity for athletes track their progress throughout the season.
This triathlon/duathlon series features three identical races in three months (June 17, 2012, July 22, 2012 & August 12, 2012)
at the same park so you can truly see if you are getting faster. The 1000yd-swim/2ml-run, 18ml-bike, and 4ml-run course
is safe, repeatable and spectator friendly. Caesar Creek State Park is the top race venue in the midwest and these races
will attract athletes from all over to compete for individual and team glory. We will be awarding top racers and triathlon clubs
throughout the series. Anyone who registers will be eligible for thousands of dollars in door prizes to be given away
at each race including clothing, multisport gear and the grand prize of a new mattress.

Check us out online at http://www.zoomracingusa.com

Questions: mick@zoomracingusa.com
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