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New Endurance Site for Houston & SE Texas
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I just started a new project. If you know anyone in the Houston area that is involved in or with endurance sports, have them follow me on twitter @htownendurance and www.htownendurance.com. I am creating an endurance portal that will support all of southeast Texas. The site will include local registered clubs (adventure, cycling, running and of course triathlon), a race calendar and a blog. The part Im most pumped about is PODCAST. The podcasts will cover local races and directors, have technology interviews and other topics like nutrition, wellness and so much more. The goal of this site is to provide one source for the local community and connect them with what matters in their own back yard. If you know athletes in SE Texas that would greatly benefit from the site, have them join-in as we grow the site and service.

PS. If you know anyone that you think would be a great podcast interview for our audience, PM me their information or have them contact me direct.


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