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Furnished Clermont, FL 6 month rental
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Looking for some northerners to come down to Florida for the summer and fall. We have a furnished condo right on a run and biking trail that is well known in Central Florida. Several elites and tri camps train here on the trail. Several triathlons as well over the summer and fall that have a .25 mile walk from the condo, .25 mile to a bike shop, .25 mile to a triathlon/run store and most importantly, a brewery .25 mile away. There is a safe area for open water swimming withing walking distance, also short bike to the NTC for pool. There is also a free 5K run right in front through parkrun every saturday. It will be tough to find a better training hub than here.

$1500 month fully furnished and all utilities included including internet.

See the link for more details.

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