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Cyclist Seeking Relay Teams for Middle Tennessee Triathlons
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I'm an experienced, reasonably fast cyclist who can't compete in running anymore due to bad knees. I'm looking for opportunities to join relay teams in triathlons in Middle Tennessee. Last year, my teams were 2 for 2 winning the short course (15 to 20 miles on the bike) events we entered.

I would pay my 1/3 of the entry fees and I'm willing to travel within Middle Tennessee (Clarksville - Nashville - Chattanooga corridor and vicinity). I'm open to racing any distance. I have experience racing the bike from 15 miles to 158.

If you're interested in triathlon, but you're not equipped to do the bike portion, here's your chance to get your feet wet! My teammates have tended to catch the triathlon bug and have moved on to be "real" triathletes who do the whole race. If you're in shape and want to compete, let's do it!

Send me a PM if you're interested.
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