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CTS Triathlon Aero_Performance camp in Scottsdale Arizona
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NEW 2013 FALL CAMP, TUCSON, AZ: For those who leave #NoStoneUnturned on the quest for tri_performance and speed, check out this fallís Triathlon Aero_Performance camp in Scottsdale Arizona. We will scrutinize, tweak and improve all aspects of your current triathlon performance utilizing FASTER Speed Labs low speed wind tunnel, 3D bike fitting, lab testing, video swim analysis, coach seminars and power file analysis and much more. Donít forget great daily coached swims/bikes/run workouts, and tasty meals at some of Scottsdale's finest restaurants!
Camp page: http://trainright.com/...mance-and-aero-camp/
FASTER Speed Labs: http://www.ride-faster.com/...nnel-White-Paper.pdf

Send me an email is you have any questions. Iíd love to hear from you!
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