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Whoot whoot ! Anahheim 1 tomorrow night!
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Anyone wanna guess how Roczen will do? He's been talkin some smack , but I hope he does well. Musquin is gonna hard to beat. I wonder if the new format will shake things up a bit. Cant wait!!
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Re: Whoot whoot ! Anahheim 1 tomorrow night! [Dirt fighter] [ In reply to ]
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Alrighty, I'm a bit behind but finally got done watching Anaheim 1. I'm really bummed for Wilson. I like him, and it sounds like he's going to miss at least one more race.

Tomac's crash and subsequent wardrobe failure seems to be a continuation of where he left off with the end of 2017.

You were right on in regards to Musquin. I thought it might come down to him and Anderson. Anderson rode well - he didn't do anything stupid.

Roczen's comeback was solid.

Barcia had a decent night. He seems to have been off for about 4 or 5 years now.

And, as much as he rubs me wrong, Peick deserves recognition for a decent run, too.

Nicoletti did not have a good night. That had to hurt.

I think we're going to see a good battle in the 250s - Savatgy, Plessinger, Cianciarulo, McElrath, Craig... Quite a few guys that seem to be maturing.

What do you think of the rule changes? How about the triple crown and extra East-West shootout in Indy?

And why does Chad Reed get 3 laps of coverage dedicated to him every race, with Ralph Sheheen babbling on about every detail of his life? At some point, Ralph really needs to start embellishing the whole "he and his wife moved to the U.S. with nothing" story a bit more - maybe throw in something about his professional kangaroo wrestling background or something.

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Re: Whoot whoot ! Anahheim 1 tomorrow night! [Travis R] [ In reply to ]
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Damn, you know your riders.

I haven't followed MX for years. Catch the occasional race here in socal. last year when they raced at PETCO was by far the best. Tiny place for a big dirt bike track, it seems they are jumping right over your hear. Coming up again soon, highly recommended, BRING EARPLUGS...

When I was in HS, we had a MX team. My older brother was damn good as an amateur, he was invited to race the nite before the pro's at the SUPERBOWL of MOTOCROSS at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Still ride though, mostly enduro (I do commute daily here in SD 42 miles one way on a MC).

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WR250F(2003, by far my favorite bike to ride in the desert, mexico, track)
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Re: Whoot whoot ! Anahheim 1 tomorrow night! [Travis R] [ In reply to ]
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A1 was a bit of a snoozer but for heat 2 of the 450's . Wilson and Nicoletti were painfull to watch. Been there and it sux!
The dirt was sweet for the west coast , I thought the racing would be a bit tighter.

As far as ther format , I like getting rid of the semi's and I like the monster cup 3 main format. Other than that ,meh...
Oh the metal starting pads are kinda cool.

Malcom will be back for round two on Bogel's jgr ride. I cant wait to see how he does on a factory 450. Ken made it through the 1st race pretty solid , he didnt look tight at all and I think he'll be getting some W's this year.

Be nice to Chad ! Lol . Idk what Ralph's deal is but I gotta admit I got a little exited last year when he almost won a round.
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