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Try as we might, the answer eludes
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Much has been written in the LR of racism in America and of the #MeToo movement. This past week has brought both those topics together and to the fore in my state of Virginia with it's leadership and politics. BK has contributed, albeit not without criticism, about our "shitshow" and I thank him without sarcasm or criticism for bringing it forward in the forum.

In today's Washington Post there is a piece written by the esteemed editor Fred Hiatt that I commend to all who are looking for answers on these subjects. This week it is Virginia, next month who knows who or where?

He frames these issues around the following questions:

"What did they do?
How do we know?
Is cluelessness an excuse?
What have they done since?
How sorry are they?
What impact will our judgement have?
Who are we to judge?
(And lastly,) What about the racist, sexist elephant in the room?"

He issues no definitive standard, divine wisdom or otherwise savant guidance answering these questions but does comes close in his response to the" Who are we to judge?" and I'll quote:

" Everyone is entitled- everyone is obligated maybe - to weigh these issues. But if you have lived a life free from the sting of bigotry; if you have lived a life where you need not worry about your safety when you visit an acquaintance's hotel room; if you are white, heterosexual, male - you had better at least listen closely to the judgments of those who experience life differently than you."

If someone can help with posting the correct link, thanks in advance. Spoiler alert: His answer to the last posed question does not surprise, ball washer or not. Even though Mr. Hiatt's presence at the Post and as a member of it's editorial board does precede Mr. Bezos' ownership.
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Re: Try as we might, the answer eludes [gofigure] [ In reply to ]
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