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New Way Hackers Can Get Into Your Bank Account
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Crooks will always crook, whether in the brick-and-mortar world or in the online world. This tactic, making use of malware to "poison" Google search results to send clickers to fake sites, there to download a seemingly innocent MS Word document, is just more evidence of that:

"According to a blog post by Cisco-owned Talos, the Zeus Panda malware essentially “poisons” Google search results to push fake bank-related results to the top of a key word search. Then, the unwary user, looking for quick answers to a search related to their bank, is fooled into clicking on malicious links.

The malware utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) “to make their malicious links more prevalent in the search results…[which] will enable the attacker to quickly obtain credentials, banking and credit card information,” Talos said."

"The ultimate goal is to trick you into going to the hacked site, then redirecting you until you reach a site offering a Microsoft Word document for download, according to Talos."

The new, clever way hackers can get into your bank account | New York Post
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