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Fast 5, the safe scene.
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I have been watching the Fast & The Furious garbage because I love my girlfriend and her teenage son. Last night we watched Fast 5. The only thing keeping me alive was the up coming safe scene. I have heard all about this safe scene. All of you people ejaculate when talking about the safe scene. I thought the safe scene might be fun. It would be exciting. I was wrong and all of you lied to me.

That safe scene was dull! I had pictured a safe about 1/8th the size being slung around barely in control. Smashing walls and cars. Pulling and tugging on the tow cars keeping them on the razors edge of control and disaster. A chaos agent that threatened all the plans. A true wild car that would bring some kind of excitement into this boring movie. Instead it was this huge slow monster of boredom. It made turns like a car! "Are we going to get to watch it parallel park? 10 and 2 safe. Don't go crazy." It was a fat asthmatic kid trying to keep up with the dirt bag kids. "Come on guys! WHEEEZE! COUGH! Wait up!" The French COnnection's chase scene is better then all the F&F movies.
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