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Cenlar and Mortgage stuff
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We have our mortgage with Cenlar loan administration. When we bought our home, I was concerned when the local small mortgage company sold the mortgage to cenlar because I checked the reviews and they were overwhelmingly bad. That said, I also realize that they're bound to be bad because most likely for mortgage stuff, either you're fine with the service and don't say a thing, or you're unhappy and vent.

Anyway, they are actually bad. Ignoring their horrendous website, probably designed as part of a middle school programming project (and even then...), our mortgage was increased by $400 because they didn't update our property taxes as requested (yes, I know we will get the money back ultimately but it's annoying) to now having to upload insurance information again (apparently they request that every year) even though our insurance contacts them directly. We still have a home in TX and everything is handled fine with minimal involvement on our end, because paying on time of course.

So, anyway anyone familiar with them? Are there options to address this besides refinancing with somebody else?


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Re: Cenlar and Mortgage stuff [Francois] [ In reply to ]
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We have them too. You are spot on about the website. It took me at least 8 different attempts to sign up. I actually got locked out of their system before ever successfully signing up. It kept telling me that my password was invalid. I didn't even make it to the password stage.
The first month I sent in my check and it took 3 weeks for them to deposit it. They called me every 2 days. And every time I answered, I ensured them that a check was sent. And they confirmed that checks took forever.

The good thing is that I am set up on direct deposit now and hopefully never need to contact them again.
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