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West Central Florida - IT / Facilities / Business Development
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Looking for a motivated individual who is big on team work and willing to learn. The available position consists of an even balance of IT based work, basic facilities/maintenance and business development. Experience in any of the fields is not a necessity, but would be a plus.

IT -
Manage the companies IT equipment.
Troubleshoot / Repair
Manage relationship between company and IT Consultant
Manage mobile phone equipment and account
(Some server/Blackberry server work)

Facilities -
Making sure the building is in and stays in perfect working condition.
Work with other building owners to ensure the business association is meeting their obligations.
(Basically everything having to do with facilities runs through this position)

Business Development -
Working with internal and external clients.
Putting together "teaming" packages for upcoming projects.
Maintaining business development database.
Checking various procurements sites and qualifying upcoming projects for the seven DOT districts.

There is too much detail to add to one post, so if you are interested in finding out more about this position, please PM me.

Thank you
Keith Campbell

"Obsessed" A word the unmotivated use to describe the dedicated.
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