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Wanted: Web Designer
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Looking for quality web designer to do some contract work re-building a website from the ground up.

Functionality would include:

Forum with access codes based on different groups (different teams signing into different places)
Home page with lists of offerings that is easily updateable
Secondary pages easily added and organized
Tie-in to MindBodyOnline to make easy links to sign-ups
Tie-in to MindBodyOnline's retail function to list products
Updateable calendar function
There might be a few more added... sorry!

Job is in Seattle, WA and priority will be given to locals we can meet in person.

Contact <tom at cycleu dot com> for more info. Thanks!
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Re: Wanted: Web Designer [TomkR] [ In reply to ]
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I have a great web designer but we are in Maryland.

You can check out his work at http://www.jjfitness.net

Let me know I will hook you guys up...he is great, awesome vibe, and very affordable. Into fitness as well.
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Re: Wanted: Web Designer [JJFitness] [ In reply to ]
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Call Greg @ 817-645-9414 or check out our site @ www.nationaldirectemedia.com and tell them Scott sent you. They do awesome affordable work.
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