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Wanted: Aquaman rep
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Aquaman Triathlon USA is looking for reps to sell their top quality wetsuit in : So. Cal., No. Cal., Pac Northwest, NYC, Florida, Texas/Az. and the Great lakes.
If you have experience and would like to sell our great quality Aquaman wetsuit please contact Emmanuel @ aquamantriusa@yahoo.com
Thank you.
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Re: Wanted: Aquaman rep [emillet] [ In reply to ]
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Emmanuel My name is Christopher Viskup, and I am interested in being a representative for Aquaman posted on slowtwitch. I have worked at a running and cycling store for seven years since I was 14. I have met many reps, although I have never been one. What does the job entail? Do I have to be an agent rep with my own business, or will I work for Aquaman directly? I am currently located in Colorado, but I am looking for a job in Florida and California. Please tell me more about the job. You may telephone me at (914) 843-9074 or email me if you like. Thank you for your time, Chris Viskup (914) 843-9074 Sorry I tried emailing you but the mail wouldn't go through.

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