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Sr. Business Analyst/IT Manager looking for more rewarding career experience
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Hi all,

I am currently working as a Sr. Business Analyst/IT Manager in the greater Chicagoland area. I am looking for a new career path that is more personally rewarding. As an active age group triathlete with over 30 tri finishes, I would love to land somewhere in the multi-sport/endurance/health and fitness arena. I am open to staying in my current space (IT; IT/Business Operations), or potentially leveraging skills learned in that space to start an entirely new path. The big thing is that I would love to work in an environment that supported things I personally care about. I am open to working virtually or doing some travel, but my home base would need to remain in the greater Chicagoland area (family).

FYI- I have excellent data analysis skills.

In addition to the IT experience, I have been involved in corporate merchandising (JDA/Intactix), as well as field operations (retail management, big box retail management, and B2B site management).

I realize this is a pretty wide open request, but did not think it would hurt to ask.

Thanks so much for looking. I can provide resume and further details upon request.

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