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Services offered: Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Consulting
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With a degree in engineering, and 18 years of sales, marketing, and management experience behind me, I am offering a wide range of consulting services to people within the bike industry, and those outside of it. Specifically, I have a number of advanced engineering consultants with whom I work, including advanced composites, finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), etc. While many of these are within the aerospace, maritime, and automotive industries, I do also have some who are specifically focused on the bicycle industry and can provide complete design-through-production services (they also have a partnership with a manufacturing facility overseas).

Additionally, as others have mentioned, companies somehow lose their focus when they put their marketing efforts on hold, or do not actively strategize. I can do anything ranging from basic marketing plans, to some very advanced Powerpoint Presentations (if you currently use bullet points and read from your slides - I can definitely help YOU!), websites, and strategic marketing implementations, etc. I am also well versed in web presentations (as some on the forum have experienced in my webinars for composite engineering professionals) and am willing to help you and your company increase your visibility through advanced image enhancement, etc. Just because you may be a small company, doesn't mean you can't appear/act like a larger more professional one!

Lastly, I also do solution sales consulting, management/leadership consulting, etc. I am available to explore consulting, part-time, and full-time opportunities. I have sold direct, B2B, and have advanced experience with channel (reseller) management.

Please feel free to pm here to obtain my email address.

P.S. - I also barter for services or utilize creative payment methodologies (i.e. royalties, company partnerships, etc.)

Craig Preston - President / Preston Presentations
Saving the world with more professional, powerful, and persuasive presentations - one audience at a time.
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Re: Services offered: Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Consulting [Craigster] [ In reply to ]
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Re: Services offered: Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Consulting [Craigster] [ In reply to ]
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I haven't moved this yet in the new year, as I have been busy with some of the work received last year ;-)

Anyways, here it is again. For anyone interested in having some engineering (we specialize in advanced analysis i.e. Nastran), sales, marketing consulting done, please feel free to contact me. This can be either in the bicycle industry (although I now only have one group who can completely manage your bike design through production - all my independents have been hired), aerospace, automotive, maritime, or other industries. If you end up hiring one of my partners, I am much more cost effective than a recruiter/headhunter (I only charge 15% of the yearly salary) :-)

I also collaborate with some international partners - the best being a composites engineering expert in Italy (they have worked in the bike industry with people like 3T and FSA, Formula One - Minardi and BMW, America's cup racing, aerospace, etc.).

Right now, the busiest portion of the business is simple marketing. I have been creating more effective Powerpoints weekly for different groups - and coaching them on getting a return on their presentations (i.e. more sales). It always amazes me that despite sitting/falling asleep in others boring presentations, that people will turn around and do the exact same thing to their audience (i.e. placing their audience in bullet point purgatory) :-)

Please feel free to PM me for my email address (I get spammed whenever I post my email address) or phone number, I will be happy to consult with you in person. You may also Skype me at the address listed below (if you are a spammer I'll just end up blocking you anyway).

Thanks, and best wishes and continued success for a prosperous 2009!


Craig Preston
Preston Consulting Group
Lake Forest, CA
Skype: cprestonoc
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Re: Services offered: Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Consulting [Craigster] [ In reply to ]
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You looking for any colleagues to enhance the scope of services and solutions you provide?

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Re: Services offered: Engineering, Sales, and Marketing Consulting [renorider] [ In reply to ]
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I am always looking for additional people with whom to collaborate on projects. Right now my engineering pool is stretched a bit thin. Check your PM. I simply need a resume and some references with whom you have done work. As most of my engineers are seasoned (over 20 years experience) FEA analysts, I have worked with and/or sold to them in the past and know of their experience/reputations. Essentially, as a "broker" to those who do their own engineering consulting, you will also need to essentially be self sufficient (computer, software, billing capabilities, etc.).

I sent my email to you in you PM.


Craig Preston (aka Craigster)
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