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Seeking Employment (Boulder area) - Marketing & Customer Service Background
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I am going to be moving to the Boulder area in a few weeks and am looking for employment opportunities. I know that in general things are tough right now with COVID-19, but just wanted to know if anyone has any leads?

I have my Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and worked in the paid digital marketing space for almost 7 years. I also have about 1 year of experience performing ecommerce sales / product management / customer service.

Outside of my professional life I am a competitive age group triathlete that also coaches a few athletes on the side. I am a bike guru and love helping people out know matter what level they are in the sport.

My remote work position was supposed to begin April 1, but is currently on hold with no time frame of when it will be available to start up.

If you know anyone that may be hiring it would be greatly appreciated if you could send their contact information my way.

Thank you!
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