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Sales Rep position for US Custom Endurance Apparel Company
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Do you want represent an American made brand that strives to develop the best product?

ZOCA Endurance Gear is a national custom apparel company focused on developing and manufacturing custom-made cycling, triathlon and running garments. Our principal market audience includes cycling and triathlon clubs and teams, endurance athletes, as well as retailers who are looking to have branded endurance sports apparel. Our goal is to produce top of the line, fully sublimated endurance clothing and accessories for endurance sports athletes and retailers as well as to create custom apparel for local and national sporting events.

We are looking for motivated independent sales representatives to sell our custom endurance apparel to retail stores, clubs, teams and corporations who want to brand their organizations.

Key Skills:
· Motivated
· Independent
· Reliable and organized
· Excellent communication skills
· Ability to build and maintain good relationships with customers
· Previous customer service/sales experience
· Have a good understanding of current market trends
· Knowledgeable about the industry
· Have current contacts in retail stores, teams, clubs, and/or with event coordinators in the territory you manage.
· Knowledge of CRM is a plus.
· Bachelor’s Degree preferred

ZOCA is a fun and growing brand. We pay a competitive commission and are looking to build a great team!
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Re: Sales Rep position for US Custom Endurance Apparel Company [ZOCAxtremegear] [ In reply to ]
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I am interested, you can visit my website for my Bio. You can reach me at 916-990-6406, bodyonthemove.com or bodyonthemove@gmail.com Below is a brief description of my qualifications:
Aaron Hutchinson, Certified Race Director, Author, Triathlon Coach, & 4-Time Ironman Triathlete Finisher

My message: Everyone has a “Day One”!

Triathlete since 1995, 4 Time Ironman with finishes in 2010 Vineman, 2011 Cozumel, 2012 Penticton, Canada, and 2013 Whistler, Canada.

I am here to share with you my passion and the benefits of making a fitness lifestyle change and the feeling you experience by making that choice both short term and long-term. As well as, how this permeates throughout other aspects of your life whether it is simply feeling great, having a positive attitude toward self and others, as well as everything else that one may come into contact with on a daily basis.

“Be the change you want the world to see”~Mahatma Ghandi
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