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Sales/ booth help NYC Triathlon 7-17/7-18
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I need a person to help me man my booth at NYC triathlon. I have a brand new energy bar company and will be launching it there. Being able to speak about the product and sell bars and boxes is the skills I need. We will be sampling the bars as well so if you can cut things that would help too. I'll buy you lunch, give you some killer bacon energy bars and give you a shirt. I will also pay cash at the end of each day. Looking for someone who is traveling with a racer or who is local, it will be fun! Oh did I mention beers? We will have beers too.

Thanks in advance for looking, email me at jeff@baconpower.net

USAC, Health and Nutrition Coach
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Re: Sales/ booth help NYC Triathlon 7-17/7-18 [jw67] [ In reply to ]
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Sorry I can't offer expo services, but if you're looking for bloggers to review your product, which sounds great, let me know!

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