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Running/Cycling/Triathlon coaches to become testers on a new coaching platform
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My name is Aris Myrkos. I'm an exercise physiologist and a running/triathlon coach.
Lately, we've been working hard with a team of coaches, scientists and technicians to create an application for coaches, in order to make it easier to coach, manage and interact with their athletes. We would welcome your feedback!
Respecting the rules of this channel, I will not be able provide further details here. We'd like to make our application available, for 3 months, free of charge, to coaches who can give us their feedback. Our goal is to make the application as good as possible for them. We firmly believe in feedback, as the only way to improve fast and efficiently.
If you're up for it, please send me an email to myrkos@sciencetraining.io

Your feedback can change the platform and give value to coaching community!
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