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Retail--gift & jewelry boutique in Greenwich, CT
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Hey gang—random request, hope it’s ok to post this. We’re looking to hire someone immediately to work full time in our gift, home décor & jewelry shop in Greenwich, CT. Term is Nov & Dec, with possibility to stay on after the holidays for part or full time as well. Please PM me for more details. Retail experience helpful, enthusiasm a must! Maybe you have a recent college grad staying at home, in between moving on to bigger & better things? It’s a great place for them to get some experience, earn a few bucks, and a place to learn a lot--my wife spent most of her career in corporate marketing for national & global firms, and has mentored a lot of young local folks who’ve passed through the doors, including local high school interns and college students.

We just opened a new, beautiful location at 39 Lewis St. in Greenwich, in between Greenwich Ave. & Mason St. We’re looking forward to doing more bike-themed things as well—here’s a sample of something fun we did last year, both bike & charity-related:


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