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Recent grad with a BS in marketing (Boston area)
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I've been posting here for about a year now, and figured it wouldn't hurt to post one of these.

I just graduated in May from Bryant University. I was all lined up (or so I thought) for a job with a company in Boston that I had done 2 internships with over the past year. The project I worked on last summer went way under budget because of the work I did soI helped save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was on track for an entry level marketing role at their headquarters in downtown Boston. I did everything I was told I needed to do to get the job, and I was told I was doing very well and everything looked good. Got a call literally 2 days after I graduated saying they took someone from outside the company with a little bit more experience. Needless to say I was (and still am) very frustrated. It seems like there's no loyalty at all.

Sorry, rant over.

Anyways, if anyone has any connections involving an entry level marketing (or related) position in Boston or the surrounding area, I would be very, very interested. I've been busting my ass looking for something these past 2 months but the old saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" has really had new meaning for me recently. Its getting very frustrating, plus trying to support one of my passions, triathlon, without a steady income is getting more and more difficult as the days go by.

I would be more than happy to send out my resume if anyone has any leads. I have a ton of experience for a college grad, 3 internships, a 3.54 GPA, and I was 1 of only 20 people in my class to graduate with Honors.

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