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Pro Triathlon Agents?
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Hey all,

Wondering two things:

- Are there any "agents" on this forum? I'm talking about you're textbook athlete agent who would work to secure sponsorship etc. usually at a percentage.

- If so or if not, can anyone recommend and agent?

I ask out of curiosity for myself but have also had inquiries as to whether I would be interested in agenting for someone. I'm trying to get a feel.

I'm not oblivious to the more well known guys like Scott Fairchild etc. However, most of them are either not taking on anyone new, or they really don't do anything beyond what I could do myself. I'm particularly interested in individuals who might have some reach beyond endemic tri companies.


Jimmy Archer
Pro Triathlete/Coach/Freelance Writer
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Re: Pro Triathlon Agents? [JTRock] [ In reply to ]
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Wendy Ingraham manages most of my athletes. Happy to make the introduction for you. Email me @ sharad@kestrelbicycles.com
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