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Positions available: Nerds who like data
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I work for a tech company outside of NYC and am looking to bring on a couple of people in two key roles; both of which I'll describe below.

Role #1 - Response Analytics Manager
You're responsible for developing econometric models for a number of our current markets, and maintaining the data supporting them. Using data from our media plans, you'll also work on developing marketing forecasts and customer lifetime value analyses. You'll also play a role in our media testing methodology and evaluation.

You: .....will have an advanced degree in statistics, a handful of years with model development, strong skills in VBA and R (or similar), and hopefully some exposure to media strategy. Considering where this is being posted, you'll likely also have an interest in general fitness.

Role #2 - Media Data Analyst
You're the data hound on this team. You'll leverage our internal data along with external data from our media partners to interrogate users' response to marketing activity. You'll also be responsible for setting up automation of systems and reports so all of our lives are easier.

You: .....will get excited over data and have experience with advanced database and scripting language. MySQL, Hive, Python, etc. are good examples of languages you're fluent in. You likely have a few years of experience doing similar work and are excited for a new challenge. You probably have an interest in general fitness, too.

General for both positions:
You are generally.....
.....detail oriented
.....nimble in thinking
.....a critical thinker
.....a team player (despite competing in an individual sport!)
.....sets high goals for themselves

We offer: ......We're a tech company outside of NYC. Our office is really cool, full of snacks, caffeine, smart people and TVs that broadcast the major bike races all day when they're live. We are part of a larger parent company, but operate independently. We work hard, but don't spend every waking hour here. Some of us regularly ride together after work.

I choose to post here, as both my boss and I are nerdy triathletes and our office is across the street from an awesome bike shop. If you're interested and think you're a good candidate, DM me and let's talk shop.
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