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NEW revolutionary website for bike maintenance
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Hi Slowtwitchers:

Since very early this year I have a new website 99% ready for launch with a very new way of offering bike maintenance services. It really changes the way bike shops have been doing this business since it started.

I'm currently working full-time and my time to finally launch that product is not as it was by January 2019 so I'm looking for partners or investors in order to discuss this project and see if other people also see future in it.

Shoot me a message if you're interested. Let's face it, e-commerce has nearly shut down a lot of bike shops and if they don't give a fresh twist to the maintenance business they will all end up shutting their doors in a couple of years. I've designed a way to explode the only thing internet can't replace for the time being: local bike maintenance.


A triathlon Youtube channel for busy triathletes:

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