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Moving to Greater Denver Area: Seeking Employment
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Hello all,

My name is Tommy. My wife is currently interviewing for a job in Lakewood, and things are looking very promising for her. We have always dreamed of getting out to Colorado, and this may be our chance!

If the situation becomes a reality, we will be moving here in the next month or so. This also means that I will be moving there without a job.

I currently work in the event development and planning sector here on the east coast for a very large event company.

Some of my responsibilities include:
  • Lead 5-6 large events per year of 7,000 attendees or more per event
  • Co lead 2-3 events per year of 25,000 attendees or more per event
  • Assist in the execution of another 15 events annually
  • Member of (3) internal committees to better develop the company and it's procedures
  • Over seeing multiple budgets including a $700,000.00.

Though I have an extensive background in event production, I am open to other areas as well, including: Sales, Marketing, and Product/Program Management.

I am an extremely passionate person, while also being passionate about people and relationships.

If you know of anything, please feel free to reach out or send me a message. My resume is available upon request.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Moving to Greater Denver Area: Seeking Employment [Crosscountry1] [ In reply to ]
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Reaching back out.

The wife was offered a great opportunity last night, and we will likely head up in the next 3 weeks.

Please feel free to reach out if you know of anything.

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