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Marketing & Customer Service - St. Petersburg / Tampa Florida Area
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My rapidly growing electric bicycle company is in need of someone to help with customer support & marketing. I need someone who has a fairly decent understanding of how bikes work (I can help train you to the electrical side and nuances of our designs). The key to our sales is having knowledgeable support staff that understands the products and is able to answer their questions in a way that is comprehensible to someone who is not very experienced with bicycles.

The tasks you would be assigned to are:

1) Answer incoming phone calls. Must enjoy talking to customers on the phone.

2) Respond to incoming e-mails, social media comments, reviews.

3) Call vendors, order office supplies.

4) Ride our products around town, help with local displays, events.

As a small business the job responsibilities would fluctuate quite a bit, looking for someone who enjoys a challenging and dynamic environment with a lots of opportunity to grow.

Scheduling and pay can be adjusted based on your needs (part time/full time, split office/home, salary or salary & commission, etc).

Hoping to find someone through ST to support the community and offer a position with flexible hours to allow you to train for your own events.

If this sounds like something that interests you let me know what your availability and pay range are.

It is a requirement to be able to work from our St. Petersburg office at least 50% of the time.

Thank you!!

Ride Scoozy Electric Bicycles
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