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Looking for ideas
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Ill put this out there and see what might be available.

I am currently employed as a firefighter in Lincoln Nebraska but have been involved in triathlons at one level or another for many years. Starting in college back in 1999 I helped to start a triathlon club and directed my first duathlon that fall. Since then I have been race director for a couple other duathlons as well as one triathlon. I served as a representative and eventually president of the college multisport association which was incorporated in to USAT after growth of the sport at the college level. During this time I volunteered at many events including several prominent national events.

I have bachelors degrees in Architecture and Fine arts and worked as an architect for 4 years prior to becoming a firefighter.

Not sure where everything can fit with a job but looking for ideas.


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Re: Looking for ideas [IsuTriGuy] [ In reply to ]
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Contact a few of your states fire service heirarchy and see if they need a firestation design.

Or some people just draw plans for such things themselves and put proposals forward to local government. You could just draw up plans of a generic firestation that as all the best compnents to it.

I understand that alot of firemen set up their own sideline businesses. My sister is in the paid firebridgade; i would work out and while waiting for calls work on other projects, eg, sketching plans.

The above is combining your 'know how'. The above 'general idea' can fall into place or you can slowly make it happen.

But maybe you are wanting a complete change. When i feel like that i go on holiday but then i don't have any other responsibilities such as children.


I am combining a couple of passions of my own in my freetime in the way of my website. It is not a job but keeps me sane. It fills the time in and seems easy as it is very interesting to me:


Full event coverage of triathlon/ironman in photos.

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