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Looking for a developer to join a company with lofty goals. We launch in a month.
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Job Title
Software Engineer, App Developer, Front-End Developer, you pick, we're a startup.

Job purpose
Change the way the workout drink industry works. Sign our NDA & NCA and I'll share more.

Job duties and responsibilities
Write code. Put up with obsessively user-focused founders plus one excellent, very smart, talented, and wonderful to work with SWE.

Required qualifications
Can write code.
Can be others-focused.
Willing to learn Dart for use of Flutter SDK if not already versed in it.

Working conditions
Pajamas acceptable. (it's fully remote)

As many as you like, whenever you like.
You're welcome to try to work more hours than me. It's not expected, but if you do, things are going to get very interesting very quickly.

Change an industry for the better, forever. We'll make it worth everyone's while.

DM me. If you find our app online or the beta tester posting, please understand that our current version is purely MVP. All the product wishes you'll have, we already share 100x. We have a backlog at least 2 years long based on a year of user feedback in beta. We just need a hard-working SWE to come put it into action.

Dr. Alex Harrison | Founder & CEO | Sport Physiology & Performance PhD
📱 Check out our app → Saturday: Pro Fuel & Hydration, a performance nutrition coach in your pocket.
Join us on YouTube → Saturday Morning | Ride & Run Faster and our growing Saturday User Hub
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