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Life-sciences Software Dev C#/.net/Silverlight/MS SQL (Virtual Office)
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cBio is a small, dynamic, and virtual start-up engaged in life sciences consulting. Founded in 2006, our principal activities involve the development of computational tools for the genetic interrogation of pathogenic microorganisms. cBio's products assist U.S. Government agencies in their forensics and epidemiological investigations of biological pathogens. cBio also has engagements in the private sector that involve supporting bioinformatics and strategic project management efforts. Our core team consists of programmers and biologists with deep and diverse scientific knowledge. Recent new contracts have prompted us to expand our computational and software development capabilities.

cBio is seeking a motivated and capable developer with 5-7 years of experience. This is a virtual/telecommuting position and therefore being self motivated and a great communicator are critical.

* Programming / software development
* Proactively gather requirements for further development of software
* Solve feature requests in a comprehensive fashion, taking into account conflicts that may arise in other analytical processes within the software package
* Think through and implement biologically sensible solutions to requests encompassing different aspects of microbial diagnostics
* Rapidly prototype functionality without much direction
* Represent cBio at client sites and industry meetings

Required/Preferred Skills and Experience:
* BS in CS with 5-7 years of software development experience
* Experience in SCM tools, including source code, build management, and issue tracking
* Familiarity with agile software development practices and test driven development
* Several years experience in commercial software development
* Versant in various development methodologies
* Proficient in database design, development, and tuning
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Knowledge of third-party software packages typically used in sequence-based biological research
* Comfortable working with C#/.NET, WCF, Silverlight, SQL Server, and LINQ
* Prefer someone with knowledge of U.S. government granting processes

Please view the following: http://www.cbiocorp.com/.../programmingtest.pdf. Select three of the problems and submit your answers, with working code (preferably in c#), along with your resume, and salary expectations to the email address above (there is also contact information in the .pdf).
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Re: Life-sciences Software Dev C#/.net/Silverlight/MS SQL (Virtual Office) [sadidanur] [ In reply to ]
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positions have been filled. For those of you that looked at the ad (but did not apply) I would love to hear some feedback. I lost all bets that someone from this board would be interested. Seemed like the perfect opportunity for a triathlete: live anywhere, train anytime, code in your cycling kit :) Hopefully we'll have more positions in the future, it's a cool company with a cool product, so if anyone is interested feel free to send me a pm and/or send an email to careers@cbiocorp.com and we'll keep you in mind when/if there are new positions.

Happy training!
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Re: Life-sciences Software Dev C#/.net/Silverlight/MS SQL (Virtual Office) [sadidanur] [ In reply to ]
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This is definitely an ideal position for someone with the quals. I didn't see the ad until after it was filled but here are my thoughts as to why maybe no one applied...people just didn't qualify, maybe if you said "telecommute" instead of "virtual office" in the title...maybe no one has the visual studio IDE or knows that the express is free from MS to answer your questions. I know you don't need those to code but as a c# developer, you know that we rely on the IDE for coding. Maybe the questions were too hard without the IDE or just too hard in general. The questions are interesting though to say the least.

Or maybe it was the life sciences part. That's a very specific industry and maybe that's what scared people away if they aren't part of it. I mean, I definitely have not coded for that industry and I'm not too sure it was required.
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