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Lead Mechanic, Inventory and Equipment Manager
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Job Title:
Lead Mechanic, Inventory and Equipment Manager

Full Time

Colorado Springs, CO

Direct Report:
Jason Koop- Director of Coaching, Vice President of Operations


Carmichael Training Systems is looking for an entry level cycling mechanic to work full time in our Colorado Springs, CO headquarters. The right candidate will serve as our head mechanic for camps as well as develop and manage our on-line web store. He/she will be responsible for providing mechanical services for 15+ camps as well as coordinating with the General Managers for the procurement of additional mechanics and support staff. Additionally, the right person will be responsible for developing CTS’ web store, controlling inventory and fulfilling orders.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for a creative, self-driven and enthusiastic teammate to add to our staff. The right candidate will have a high degree of mechanical skills, be able to effectively communicate with athletes as well as be able to be autonomous with projects and tasks. If you are looking to make an immediate and measureable impact with by working smart and hard, this is the right job for you. If you need a manual and instructions, please do not apply.

Commensurate upon experience

· Provide head mechanic duties for 15+ CTS camps
· Coordinate with CTS General Managers in Tucson, Colorado Springs, Brevard and Santa Ynez for mechanic and soigneur needs
· Develop and manger the CTS on-line store
· Fulfill and ship orders
· Maintain, manage inventory of CTS soft goods
· Maintain, manage inventory of CTS trucks
· Maintain, manage CTS trailer. Must be able to competently drive and park a 30 ft trailer
· Provide upgrade recommendation for CTS trailer, trucks
· Drive trailer to events as required
· Be able to instruct others on set up of trailer AV/internet system
· Maintain and manage trailer AV/internet system
· Provide upgrade recommendations on AV/internet trailer system as required
· Maintain, manage inventory of bikes, wheels, groups in all CTS locations
· Coordinate bike/equipment sales with VP of Operations
· Order equipment, bikes and CTS soft goods in coordination with VP of Operation

Please send resumes to Jason Koop at jkoop@trainright.com.
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