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Hiring Paid Sports Blogger Positions - Triathlon Specific
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 Fellow triathletes, in my spare time I own and operate a sports blogging site, www.ingamenow.com. We are looking for a few solid contributors from the endurance athletics/triathlon community to blog on our site. Here is the ad we are using on Criagslist etc.....

We are hiring sports bloggers and celebrity bloggers to write for one of the 15 largest sports blogs on the web. We pay on a guaranteed CPM basis with tiers - so you get paid for more readers and writing!

The good news is that, on our blog, you will attract more readership than you could on your own since we already have a great following! And that allows us to get great CPMs and pass them along to you.

We are in need of 3-5 full to part time bloggers. Please apply immediately and send an example of your work.

Please also include your familiarity with:
- Sports (favorite teams? players?)
- Blogging
- Wordpress
- Photoshop or any photo editing tool

Guaranteed CPM Basis

Please contact: Steuart@ingamenow.com

Thank you.
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