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Hiring 2 Coaches- Boulder Center for Sports Medicine
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BCSM is hiring 2 coaches. The currently posted positions are for a Triathlon Specific coach and a Cycling / Mountain Bike Coach. Experience with Event management and conducting training camps will be a very valuable asset.
Endurance Listing Here
Triathlon Listing Here

The coaches that we are looking for ought to be formally educated in the health sciences and be certified by appropriate organizations. It is important that you know and understand how to best use physiological testing data in your coaching. The ability to conduct testing is not needed. Our sport science staff is a fun group of educated individuals who are very into what we do for work, lifestyle and recreation. We are able to constantly evolve what we know because we spend our time in an awesome environment.

Feel free to send me questions, but the application process is through the BCH.org website.

The above poster is a physiologist employed FastTalkLabs. However, statements are not made on behalf of nor reflective of FastTalkLabs in any manner... unless they're good, then they count.

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