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Help Wanted: Coach for '09 - FOUND!
I've found a coach. Thanks everyone!

BTW - I highly recommend this as a way to either find a coach or find athletes. I had a great response and a wide variety of backgrounds. This is the first time I've really screened a coach and treated this as a job interview process. As a result I got the best fit for me and my goals. The hardest part was letting the others who contacted me know that I'd decided to go with someone else. I hate that.

If you want more details on my process feel free to PM me. I've also been vocal on coaching hiring threads in the main forum and The Womens.

Time to get off my ass and start training!

Jen - @ultragrrl

"In order to keep a true perspective on one's importance, everyone should have a dog that worships him and a cat that will ignore him." - Dereke Bruce
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