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Fitness Testing business for sale
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My wife has been running this business in Atlanta for about a year, but the lure of being a stay at home mommy was just too much for her. Could pick up in another city very easily.

She does ultrasonic body composition, resting metabolic rate, and diet planning by agreement with events, gyms, personal trainers, martial arts clubs, offices, etc. Been pretty successful with boot camps especially.

Fully functional website, logo, equipment, supplies and growing client base. Perfect business for a coach, personal trainer or dietitian to generate additional revenue of drive interest in other services. Turnkey, ready to begin immediately.

1. One Korr MetaCheck calorimeter and printer plus all advertising materials, posters, brochures manuals, 3 face masks, hoses, head strap, 30+ disposable masks and hoses,
2. One BodyMetrix BX2000 body composition system and laptop computer (including wand, software, extra ultrasound gel, tissues)
3. Diet Master Software with 1 unused certification. Includes all diet templates Diet Master produces.
4. One 4 foot table (on which you can set up all equipment in anywhere with a power outlet).
5. Power strip (very important for protecting equipment).
6. Appointment cards (about 600)
7. One FD 400 credit card terminal (mobile unit, works on cell towers, no phone or Internet needed)
8. One fully designed and operational website (with hosting paid through April 2012) and contact information for the designer. http://www.yardstickfitness.com (designer is a triathlete and yoga enthusiast, so she 'gets it')
9. The name "Yardstick Fitness Testing" this is currently a DBA attached to my LLC.
10. Access to the online CRM she has been using will all my notes and contact info.
11. 4 Clear stand up flier holders
12. Business card and logo designs.
13. Files with used fliers, sign up sheets, promo materials.
14. 3 canisters of Caviwipes for cleaning equipment
15. Any other periphery items that I have forgotten to list but needed or purchased for the business.

Training on all equipment and references to clients. All equipment/software was purchased new in April of 2010 (with the exception of the laptop computer) or since then. She has been profitable working only 4 hours a week on new building new accounts (due to lack of childcare).

asking $12,500 to cover the equipment, website, and client base.

Feel free to hit me up at lonniemilliganiv_at_gmail_dot_com if you'd like to chat. Leave your number and I'll give you a call back right away.


(I posted this in the classified too, maybe because I wasn't paying attention to which forum was the better choice. Sorry, not trying to be obnoxious)
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Re: Fitness Testing business for sale [wonder bread] [ In reply to ]
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Just out of interest, you don’t have the Korr system as a single item on ebay at the moment do you? just noticed one was for sale in Atlanta at the moment. probably just a coincidence.
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Re: Fitness Testing business for sale [blackhed] [ In reply to ]
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Nope, that's not us. The business is still making money so we are reluctant to sell off the equipment individually.
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