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Experienced IT Guy
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Experienced IT Guy currently in Houston, Texas market, would like to stay local but would consider offers. When it comes to IT, I have done just about everything. I can fix your mouse or research, spec and integrate your servers into your current infrastructure. Strengths are problem solving, getting consensus and communication.

In my 15+ years experience I have managed projects, people and small businesses. I can talk tech to the technical guys and meet with business unit leaders comfortably.

Right now I need a change. Sold my last business a year ago and am now a top 5-10 finishing triathlete but bored professionally.

While I'd like to make more money (and who wouldn't) right now I am most interested in challenging project(s). Would consider contract, temp to perm or long term employment.

Experience in finance, oil and gas and start-up type environments. Still have series 6 and insurance licenses.

If think you may have something, feel free to inquire.



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