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Engineering Summer Internship @ Dimond
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Summer Engineering Intern

Position Description:

Rüster Sports is a manufacturer of sporting goods based out of Des Moines, IA. We are a young startup

company set on maintaining a rich company culture while growing a successful manufacturing operation.

Two of our main products are Hen House bicycle travel cases and Dimond triathlon bicycle frames. This

paid internship position will report to the production engineer. Responsibilities include production

process improvements and development, as well as hands-on training in a production environment.

Major Areas of Responsibility

 Assist production engineers with daily activities

 Participate in continuous process improvement and look for efficiency gains

Primary Objectives:

 Successfully accomplish all introductory, minor, and major projects during the internship

 Maintain project planning for all internship projects, including budgets, timeline, BOMs

Job Requirements

 Driven, self-starting work ethic

 Proficiency in a shop environment (basic safety, power tool operation)

 Must be in 2nd-4th year student currently enrolled in an engineering program

Education and Experience

 Engineering student, 2nd-4th year

 Specialized training in composites layup and handling, a plus

 Machine shop experience, a plus

Please send cover letter and resumes to dave@rustersports.com

David Morse
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Re: Engineering Summer Internship @ Dimond [DimondTech] [ In reply to ]
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Does it count if I'm a 2nd year part-time graduate student in Mechanical Engineering working full time already? Would love to come work on bikes all summer. I wonder what my employer would think of that? Does it count as a sabbatical if I'm going to work for another company? I think FEA on carbon bikes would be my dream job! I can see it now, moonlighting as an analyst, mechanical testing (read: breaking) of carbon...if only...alas :(

Seriously though, internships are crucial, and Dimond is top notch for just offering them. Not surprising, given TJ's past. If there are any younger engineers out there still looking for a position for the summer...APPLY APPLY APPLY!
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Re: Engineering Summer Internship @ Dimond [MSUtri] [ In reply to ]
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I just sent you my resume.

Thank you

Formely stef32
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