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College Internship Opportunities
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I will be setting up a few virtual internships for the 2013 winter semester. For the first internship, the candidate should have a background in Marketing. This person will be responsible for developing and promoting a race that is to take place June 2013. This person will also work with me to organize a fundraiser for a scholarship that is connected to the race. The next position will be open to web and graphic design majors. This person will be in charge of managing the website and developing graphics for certain events.
Because this is a virtual internship, we will be communicating a lot over emails, video chat and phone. Ideally, the candidate would be very close to my location for obvious reasons. I am located in Toledo Ohio but I also have two interns in Saginaw Michigan as well. If you are in the Michigan or Northern Ohio area and would like more information please contact me at Derek@racemilestone.com.

USAT Level 1 Coach- Milestone Racing (milestoneracingtn.com)

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