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Coaching Intern Program, Tucson AZ
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Coaching Intern Program Information[/url]

CTS is recruiting qualified applicants with a passion for coaching, endurance sports and helping people achieve their goals. Individuals with the desire to gain real work experience are encouraged to review the requirements for the CTS Intern Program.
The Intern Program is a 3-6 month un-paid internship working in one of the CTS centers including CTS Tucson and the CTS Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. Individuals who successfully complete the program gain valuable work related experience in the health and fitness industry and have opportunity to be hired on as a full time expert level coach.
During the Internship, our Interns learn the science-based CTS coaching methodology and apply these methods while working directly with CTS members. Continuing education, mentoring, and supervision is provided throughout the program. CTS strives to maintain a professional, challenging, high-paced, cooperative and fun working environment at all times. The curriculum focuses on topics pertaining to the practical application of the science behind improving fitness, health, and athletic performance. Resident Coaches are required to attend and participate in presentations by the Senior and Premier staff, round table discussions, research projects, Webinars and CTS Training Camps as well as Endurance Sports Club programming.
Responsibilities of an Intern include assisting senior coaching faculty with research projects, fitness program design and implementation, assisting with group camps and helping to maintain equipment in the Endurance Sports Club.
• Possess a desire to pursue coaching as a future career path.
• A minimum of a bachelor's degree (or current Senior) in Exercise Science or a related field. Relevant coursework should include Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, and Nutrition (sports nutrition).
• A basic knowledge of exercise testing and prescription and periodization training.
Additional Details:
• This is a un-paid position.
• Interns in the program must work in our corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado or our facility in Tucson, Arizona.
• Interns are expected to work 25 hours per week and participate in training camps as scheduled.
• The Internship length is a 3-6 months in duration.

Steve Karlsson[/url]
Business Development Manager
Carmichael Training Systems - Tucson
Email: skarlsson@trainright.com
Phone: 866-355-0645
7000 East Tanque Verde Road, Suite 26
Tucson, AZ 85715[/url]

Here is what previous Interns have said about the program:

“The opportunity to work with real members and help them achieve goals is an overwhelmingly rewarding experience. (That’s why we all want to be coaches in the first place!) In addition to the "learning by doing" structure, the program encourages (and requires) several forms of continuing education to broaden our knowledge of the many aspects of coaching. Additionally, since the Senior, Pro and Premier CTS Coaches work with athletes at the highest levels in many different sports, they serve as a tremendous resource for developing coaches. The wealth of knowledge from the higher level coaches is easily accessible and not only helps ensure we have the right answers, but also provides another great learning/mentoring opportunity.”
“The CTS Internship program is a highly interactive and multifaceted position which incorporates excellent continuing education with hands-on and Internet-based coaching application.”

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