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CTS Expert Coach
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Job Title: CTS Expert Coach

Classification: Full Time

Reports To: Regional Center General Manager

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Carmichael Training Systems is hiring for an entry level endurance coach to work full time at their Colorado Springs, CO center. The right candidate will possess strong organization and communication skills. He/she will be responsible for coaching a variety of endurance athletes from the weekend warrior to the elite utilizing phone, internet, downloadable training devices and e-mail communication. Our coaches are arranged in various coaching PODs where more senior coaches are teamed up with junior coaches to facilitate free knowledge flow and mentorship opportunities.

1. Monitoring and developing training programs according to the CTS training methodology.
2. Providing written and verbal feedback to athletes regarding all aspects of training.
3. Delivering “hands on” coaching to athletes at one-on-one or group training camps.
4. Performing physiological testing on athletes, including lactate threshold testing and VO2 max testing.
5. Attending events/races as a representative of the company.
6. Giving informative lectures and presentations to the local community.

1. B.S. or M.S. degree in Exercise Science or equivalent field of study.
2. Extensive first-hand experience as an endurance athlete (preferably in cycling or triathlon).
3. If already coaching, provide documented history of athletes’ long-term development and success (2 years minimum).
4. Possess, or be in the process of obtaining, a National Governing body (NGB) coaching license: USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, USA Swimming, USA Track and Field, etc.
5. Possess, or be in the process of obtaining, additional licenses or certifications: ACE, ACSM, NATA, NSCA, etc.
6. Bilingual/ Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

Compensation Package:
This is a full time position. Compensation is dependent upon experience.

Application Instructions:
In order to apply for the position, please submit a resume, cover letter and any relative athletic or coaching experience to-

Renee Eastman
General Manager, Carmichael Training Systems Inc.

Our interview process for new hires consists of three steps-

1. Resume and background based screen
2. Telephone or in-person interview
3. The CTS Coaching College

The CTS Coaching College will be held in Colorado Springs, CO in early November 2015. If you make it to this step, congratulations! The coaching college is a 2 day intensive seminar designed to test your coaching knowledge, skills and communication ability. Only the best out of the Coaching College will eventually be chosen to be CTS coaches.

Travel and related expenses for the coaching college are the responsibility of each applicant. There is no charge for the college itself.
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