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Blanc Branding: Athlete Branding/Marketing/Advertising/Web Design
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I'm currently wrapping up our first big project, Andrew Yoder's website (http://yodertri.com/) and decided that it is time to start publicly start getting the word out about Blanc Branding. I'm really excited to get the word out because advertising, marketing, and design is a passion. What is Blanc Branding? Blanc is a full-service branding, marketing, and advertising agency specializing in endurance athletics and fitness based in Boulder, Colorado. We combine our deep understanding of endurance sports, design, and business to help athletes build stronger and better brands.

We do not only work with professional athletes. We are expect our primary client to be the amateur athlete who wants to share their journey to achieving their goals.

We picked the name Blanc for two reasons
  • One, we see you as a blank slate that we get to work on. We take an artist and creative approach with our work.
  • Two, we are named after Mont Blanc and our goal is to get you to the top.

All services can be found here.
A full portfolio can be found on BlancBranding.com.
Any questions can be emailed to alex(AT)blancbranding(DOT)com. Just replace the AT and DOT with "@" and ".". I don't want spam which is why I wrote them out. :)

Below is a screenshot of Andrew's new site. His new site is online however at http://yodertri.com/:

A few sample photographs:

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