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Biomechanics Tech/Bike Fitter
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The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is looking for a Biomechanics Tech with specific bike fitting experience to work in our world class Sport Science department.

This is a full-time position for an individual with a degree in a relevant field (exercise science, biomechanics, kinesiology, etc.) with professional bike fit experience. Please do not apply if you wouldn't feel comfortable fitting an Olympian or World Champion on your first day on the job (it's happened before).

The ideal candidate will have professional bike fit certification, experience using motion capture and video imaging technologies, in-depth knowledge of the sports of cycling and triathlon, biomechanics research experience, experience working in the medical field, and the desire to be part of a world class team of like-minded individuals.

All applications must be directed through the following site: https://www.healthcaresource.com/...fm&cJobId=620107

Neal Henderson

Sport Science Coach Guy
Owner, APEX Coaching
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